When the world gets too tough and you cuddle up with me and tomorrow just got a little but more easy to live that’s how I want my affection to feel like an overwhelming feeling of ease I’ll be that person
and just when I need an outlet to breath your there, your here, your with me and i’v waited so long to find you, to have this, to have us
and we’re in control of each others hearts and that’s fine because I know you’ll protect mine, like warm water through my finger tips and smudges of lipstick I leave on your lips every time I give you a kiss i want more nights like this, this type of connection will build a bond of unity and I wrapped it up so hard it’s a part of me, all of me,
I let down the barriers of fear to experience this and it was so easy for me to do this because the showdow of my soul told me you’d safely love me for me and it would be effortletless
so let’s create our own fairytale and build a relationship that is beyond the traditional and constructed normalities of life and create our own power of love
Zarra.Hitsburg (via zarrahitsburg)